Mexican stars go to the UK

he World Wrestling Council CMLL announced through its official program the Fantasticamanía UK 2024 tour at York Wall Bethnal Green, which will take place on May 19 in London, where 14 Mexican stars will participate in two events.

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Participating elements are the current CMLL Historical Welterweight Champion, “The Silver and Gold King” Místico, Atlantis, El Hechisero, Máscara Dorada, the current Historical Welterweight Champion, Atlantis Jr., Okumura, Neon, Magnus, Bárbaro Cavernario and Futuro.

It also highlights the great participation of the “first” Chilean wrestler, Stephanie Faker.

CMLL made the announcement on Friday Golden angel And Sweet gardenia They will also be present in the UK.

The job of pure fighters

History will be made on March 8 at Arena México. For the first time, a show will be presented where, from the first fight to the main fight, Amazon will be recognized by the World Wrestling Council. A job that will have Princess Sujehit and Sanele as special and luxurious referees, two beautiful Amazons who are active in CMLL, but have a herniated disc from Monterrey known as the “Cazacanadienses” and are recovering from the knee surgery of the “Lady in the Black Glove” preventing them from fighting in this historic job, which has become It now has the function of administering justice.

Tiffany is one of today's emblematic Amazonians, who knows that they are at a high level and that she, along with Amapola and Marcela, are the most experienced, so they are a strong group and that in this performance on March 8 in Arena México, they will leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of those present.

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The 'Cursed Doll' will take part in the tournament where she will look to beat 11 other fighters and win the Irma Gonzalez Trophy in part of what could be the final year of the iconic fighter's career.

Another of the heroes is Zeuxiswho has been one of the main champions in recent years since she is currently the CMLL World Tag Team Champion, alongside Stephanie Faker, titles they won and debuted as part of CMLL's 90th anniversary.

For this great mission on March 8, the “Puerto Rican Power” will have the opportunity to be crowned for the second time as Women’s National Champion, a right she has enjoyed since despite being born in Puerto Rico, she holds Mexican citizenship; Since his mother is Mexican.

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