Metallica’s Master of Puppets ranks second for Stranger Things search on Google

Volume 2 of the fourth season of Weird things Available now on Netflix that among the many sharp and wonderful moments of the last two episodes, none quite compare to the one played by Eddie Monson puppet master Metallica V Upside down, It’s so good it’s now a creator of the series It has already become the second most searched for popular show.

The truth is that the Duffer Brothers and everyone who makes Weird things They are very good at what they do and last season has become evident, because beyond the central plot and characters, the inclusion of certain details is what makes them so amazing, and now they are so special in the series. Series like what they did in this latest installment with music.

the song Run over that hill From Kate Bush is almost almost an anthem Weird thingsdid a great arrangement for fork flight and of course, The aforementioned scene puppet master Described by Eddie as “the most hit metal of all time”, it’s simply Sami who brought Metallica’s 1986 success back to the cusp of success..

According to Google, a global level,”Weird things“yes”Metallica“The most searched terms for the last 7 days were, followed by the song”puppet master That appeared during the ninth season of last season. Furthermore, the most requested searches are the name of the actor who plays Eddie Monson, Joseph Quinn, and later the name of Metallica player Robert Trujillo:

  1. Weird things
  2. Metallica
  3. puppet master
  4. Joseph Quinn
  5. Robert Trujillo
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to me Interest in searching by region, the United States ranked first in string searches, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia in third place:

  1. United State
  2. United kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Hungary
  5. Puerto Rico

While in Mexico, the three cities most searched for were the word “Weird things” they were:

  1. Tamaulipas
  2. new lion
  3. Chihuahua

Also in our country, on YouTube, for the past seven days, puppet master Metallica recorded peak searches, especially on July 2, keep up to date and all thanks to Weird things. The song got more than 5.5 million views and the main countries interested in the topic were: the state of Mexico in first place, CDMX in second place, and Hidalgo in third place.

What do you think of the scene? puppet master in Weird things? Did you also get excited and listen to it after watching the series?


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