Are tattoos forever? This is what medicine says about it

People who dedicate themselves to art tattoo They know that a person created about 3 years ago is considered modern; However, as of the age of five it is already considered old, so many people wonder if tattoos are appropriate forever.

And that with the progress of medicine is added to legends thatSurrounding tattoos, many consider them to be forever and therefore they can no longer be erased.

However, Dr. Campoy points out that when it comes to tattoos, black is always the easiest color to erase, contrary to what one might think because tattoo colors are also essential to the erasing process.

Likewise, Dr. Donis MunozShe is a dermatologist and author of The Letter in Tattoos. Laser Elimination Switches”, indicates that the difficulty of erasing different colors depends on the type of Q-Switched laser used.

However, black, dark blue, and red are the easiest to scan. On the other hand, light colors such as yellow, light blue or white tend to be more difficult.

Regarding red, Dr. Muñoz warns that it’s the color that most often causes unnatural reactions and unwanted effects, whether soon after getting a tattoo or long-term.

On the contrary, the black He notes that they are “the safest and most exceptional to cause adverse effects”.

In this sense, the specialists explained that between the laser session for erasing tattoos and the next, it is necessary to allow time.

“The minimum interval between sessions is between 6 and 8 weeks, although the longer the interval between them, better results will be obtained while fewer sessions may be required. Another factor to take into account is the urgency which the user may have to remove his tattoo.

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Indeed, sometimes, the interval between sessions is conditioned by the requirements of force majeure to work, emotional nature, etc., ”details the dermatologist.

After each of the sessions, a series of care is required. Dr. Campoy explains that at the end of each one, the skin is moisturized and treated.

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