Mestalla: My dream is to wear a Legions shirt at the Camp Nou next season

Leganés faces important dates in his battle for direct promotion, with a duel against Mallorca on the horizon after saving a heroic point in Almería. Overcome convulsive moments, now covet everything, and Sergey Balencia has a lot to do with it (Badalona, ​​1996). The Barcelona youth team, a staple of both Jose Luis Marti and Asir Garitano, spoke with EFE.

Question: Points like Almeria got in the opponent, and after playing with about ten in the whole match .. do they boost the team’s morale?

Answer: Absolutely yes. It was a long-running match. They, especially in the second half, had quite a few clear chances. We played a very dangerous game, we showed the pride that defines Leganés.

There were divisions through which we were able to defend very well and even against it with chances. We imagined the same scenario with another player and we came out stronger than that, we had twice the options.

Q: Did you see the penalty kick that annoyed so many opposing coach Jose Gomez? What do you think?

A: Honestly, it seems to me that you have a reason to complain. Especially because of the feeling it gives judging in general. I understand their reaction but I also hope they realized at the press conference that it would benefit them in the first half. We both feel some hurt in this regard.

Q: With almost no grasping time, they travel to Mallorca to once again play a major duel on target. How does the soccer player deal with this crazy season?

A: It is true that there are many commitments very close but this is not something a footballer is not averse to. We like to have matches constantly, and we also have a great team that we can all participate in.

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Especially when you get close to those games at the end of the season, from Sunday to Sunday, the week seems a bit long. You see goals you want to reach and love playing games at this pace. It’s a little crazy, but we love it.

Q: They will have two more days off than the competitor. Should this be noticed by each other’s bodies?

A: Certainly. I don’t know if Mallorca said something but it is a difficult decision to understand. I don’t know what all of this depends on but another two days of rest should be observed. It is true that we came from tremendous efforts. We demanded the party in a way that we wouldn’t recover well either.

Q: Is the second division experienced differently in a team that cannot rise like Barcelona B and in another team required to do so, such as Leganes?

A: Absolutely, yes. Especially when looking at the rating, having that ambition and this pressure is well understood in every game. It’s noticeable and the player appreciates that pressure, that goal is there.

It’s also a very nice goal, not like Barcelona B, who found himself in the middle of the season fighting for relegation. This is a delicate and difficult issue to deal with. The climbing target is exciting, every week you go with very charged batteries.

Q: What has changed since the arrival of Prisoner Garyitano?

A: It gave the team a fresher air meaning that people who hadn’t partnered with Marte had often noticed that they might have more options. Especially in the first games, where we all had our chances. It really connected the group.

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Also with the five wins we had when he arrived, we decreased the points and that gave a lot of motivation. I see the team training very hard, with a lot of competitiveness in every area. His arrival has been very enriching.

Q: This is indisputable with Martí and with your current coach. Feeling like you are in the best moment of your career so far?

A: I am very happy with the trust the two have placed in me, but I always ask myself very much with myself and know I have to give more. I also think I can give it a go. I feel like I’m at a good point, especially physically. But I think I have to give a lot, improve it and translate it into numbers. I’ve had the opportunity to do this but it hasn’t been completely converted into help or things to help the team more.

Q: Have you imagined wearing the Leganes shirt at the Camp Nou next season?

A: Of course. I dream that that moment has come and that it might be possible.

P: This means the ability to return, because it is on loan. If it were up to you … would you ask that you be allowed to continue with the entity?

A: Yes, I am very satisfied here. Always, of course, respect my club. On the level of emotion, happiness, feeling good … I’d like it. I love the club, I love my team-mates, we have put together a good little group … I’d like it.

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