ORB No. 28 Week 11-17 Dec 2021

The weekly Orbe presents work on the critique of the Democracy Summit – an initiative of US President Joe Biden – two years of the Argentine government of Alberto Fernandez, and the increase of the European Union’s military budget. The publication, in its 28 edition of 23, also addresses the issues of Honduras, Uruguay, Chile, India-Russia relations, and International Human Rights Day. Some caves in Angola, the famous Big Ben in the UK and Vietnamese candidates to designate the intangible cultural heritage of humanity occupy the space of diversity. As usual, there are proposals for culture, science, technology and sport, with Annex VII on this last topic.

Dear Readers:
Digital subscriptions to our weekly are now open. Now with the possibility of receiving it before it goes out to print.
Its cost will be 156.00 CUP per year. A bank transfer must be made to the account: Prensa Latina Agencia Informativa Latinoamericana SA 0526420029270015, Banco Metropolitano.
When the transfer is made, send a message to (+53) 5285 3161 with the email where you will receive the publication. You can use the Transfermóvil application.
Customer Service: Isis Conde, Vice President Commercial. Phones: 7834 6528 and 7830 1344 Ext.: 129

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