Members of Congress urge the Pentagon to allow weapons to be used in Kiev to attack targets in Russia

“It is imperative that the Biden administration allow military commanders in Ukraine to carry out the full range of necessary operations” using weapons provided by the United States, the group demanded in a letter.

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A group of US Congress members, led by the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Michael Turner, called on the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, to… letter Sent on May 20, allowing Ukraine to “ Use of weapons provided by the United States To attack strategic targets inside Russian territory under certain conditions.”

“Our Ukrainian allies They ask Allowing the use of certain weapons provided by the United States for operations against Strategic targets within Russian territory that are controlled by Russia“The message says.

“It is imperative that the Biden administration allow Ukraine’s military commanders to carry out an operation A complete set of necessary operations“The congressmen add, referring to A condition Politico noted that current White House policy “hinders Ukraine’s ability to repel Russian forces near Kharkiv.”

However, Moscow has repeatedly denounced the use of Western weapons systems against its territory.

Russian forces last week frustrated A massive Ukrainian attack with more than 100 drones and drone boats against the Crimean Peninsula and several Russian provinces destroyed dozens of American, Czech, French and British missiles and projectiles with which Kiev intended to attack Russian territory.

In this sense, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zagarova said, Announce “The West and the Kyiv regime that falls under its control.”They are playing with fireBy attacking Russia, he warned that such actions would not go unanswered.

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