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successful telenovela”squirting queen“Keep on talking. This week the Colombian production brought us a new twist, which was a big surprise to many. We note the brutal change made by Eric Rodriguez’s character, who in the blink of an eye has gone from being a hitman to a trans woman. Learn more here about the artist, Which is already on everyone’s lips.

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Eric Rodriguez in “La reina del flow” plays the role of the villain. his character Titan, a man who was beaten harshly, so as not to be caught by the police, and in desperation, he decided to transform himself into a woman. In the series, we see Titano being loyal to Manin and repeatedly seeking permission to take revenge on Yemi Montoya, played by Carolina Ramirez.

In a recent chapter of the novel, Titano manages to portray Yeimi. After that, Eric’s character decides to do whatever it takes to avoid getting caught by the authorities. There where I was born molasses, the trans woman who acts as a disguise for Titano to deceive the police.

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Who is Eric Rodriguez?

After the last chapter of Karakol production, the actor has been broadcasted Eric Rodriguez He gave an interview to “Kienyke” and told us in detail what this drastic change was from playing a hitman and then dressing up as a mutant woman. In fact, this change caused a diverse reaction among fans of the Colombian novel. From praises to countless memes.

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“Titano is a man who works in an unethical place of circumstances, he is a criminal, but he is also a human being deeply wounded by a very great loss that of his brother”Eric Rodriguez told the mentioned media.

I’m from Bogota, I am Rollo and it was necessary first to define the sound not only to create an accent or dialect but to find a whole psychology that could produce that sound which gives shape to that particular way of speaking it.”added.

Some of the representative’s personal data tells us that 35 years old He graduated from the Free Theater School in Bogotá in 2006. He studied English in the UK and worked in theater in the play “The Three Brothers” It is directed by Chilean Luis Blanco and sponsored by the Praxis International Foundation.

How did the networks react to Eric Rodriguez’s change?

The surprise was not only in those who watched the chapter “Queen of Flow” firsthand, but after a few minutes social networks were flooded with messages referring to the brutal change that Titano has undergone. Some highlighted the beauty of Eric Rodriguez’s new role and others went even further and praised the Colombian film’s production work.

“But how beautiful Titano is they left my respect to the makeup team, I like his talent”And “Titano’s transformation fits in well if I didn’t speak up or realize it was him” NS “Titano he keeps wearing like this, I really liked him, he looks a lot”, are some of the tweets that referenced a representative from the country of coffee.

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How is the “Queen of Flow” classified?

in Colombia, The second season of “Queen of Flow” It is the most watched novel. As of last Thursday, July 22, the production that managed to get to Netflix had 10.7 points and was only surpassed by La “Voz Kids”, who got 14.2, as we see on TwitterRatingColombia, responsible for doing this type of measurements in private channels .

Recently, Carolina Ramirez sparked controversy among telenovela followers, because she wrote on her Twitter account that she “cannot continue for more seasons.” This comment generated not only reactions among users, but the production itself. Can we watch more episodes of ‘Queen of Flow’?

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