Matt Botti explains why Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin are closing

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Microsoft CEO Matt Botti, one of Phil Spencer’s hands at Xbox’s fine directing, was most famous for shutting down Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games, and Roundhouse Studios. All because the media most closely associated with Microsoft leaked the full content of the email that Booty himself sent to all members of Xbox Game Studios, announcing the closure of the aforementioned.

In that email, he pointed out the need to free up resources to focus on other, more important titles, and today we know that thanks to a new leak. By Bloomberg, from the meeting held between Matt Booty and Jill Braff, President of Zenimax, to Bethesda employees, the reason for the action committed. In principle, it accurately refers to what was mentioned, that It was intended to free up resources and had nothing to do with receiving Redfall (Despite Everything) or the famous Hi-Fi Rush.

Closure is not an issue with your results or past projects

It was a bigger problem for the future. Just yesterday we reported that Tango Gameworks was already planning a sequel to Hi-Fi Rush and that a draft of it had been submitted, according to reports. Something similar happened with Arkane Austin, who was instead planning their next immersive action game, in the style of Dishonored. To do this, both studios requested expanded staffs to take on these projects, however From what sources said in reference to Swag, those games were too far away to continue at this time..

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This move will allow us to focus on a few future projects, but they are big, at least as far as Bethesda is concerned (Zenimax), said Jill Braff. Currently, they have an active Starfield, with its big expansion for this year, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, also for this year, and the always active Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online. On the other hand, we hope that id will appear very soon, perhaps at a future QuakeCon in August, and Arkane Lyon is working on Blade.

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