Joe Biden’s government is preparing a rule to quickly reject migrants who do not qualify for asylum

(CNN) — The Biden administration is expected to propose a rule this Thursday that would take stronger action against migrants who do not meet the requirements for seeking asylum, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The change is not expected to be radical, but rather a tightening of the current immigration system.

The action comes as the White House tries to toughen its stance on the US-Mexico border and change the rhetoric of Republicans who continue to criticize President Joe Biden on immigration issues ahead of the November elections.

The proposed rule would allow immigration officials to quickly deny some immigrants’ request for asylum early in the process if they decide they don’t qualify. The regulation, which still needs to go through a public comment period, is not expected to cast a wider net than people who would be barred from seeking asylum, according to one source.

The expert confirms that the arrival of immigrants benefits the United States.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy acknowledged on Wednesday that the administration is seeking to make changes to the asylum system, but noted that without legislation, making widespread changes to the asylum system will be very difficult.

Murphy told reporters that he had engaged with the administration on the policies under review, but noted that the wide-ranging changes Republicans want Biden to make could be challenged in court.

Senate Democrats will continue to push for the failed bipartisan immigration bill to gain more GOP support, Murphy said, adding that at this point it is unclear whether the measure will get another vote.

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