MasterChef Celebrity Mexico: Who is among the certified judges of the reality show

The jury will be responsible for tasting the dishes of 20 celebrities (Image: Instagram / @ssmester)

recordings Celebrity Masterchef Mexico They have already started. a few days ago Confirmed 20 celebrities who will compete To show his talent in the kitchen and the whole country already knows who will be responsible for judging the dishes of these celebrities.

Much has been speculated about the names of the expert chefs who will be responsible for qualifying the dishes prepared in this reality show, but until a few days ago it was confirmed who would be in charge of this work at a demanding level.

The first person behind the stove is Chef Herrera, which returns for this new edition. His majestic culinary personality and fearsome personality must be conquered by the participants.

His controversial participation and sharp criticism generated a feeling of love and hatred towards him, as his experience and the way he put it into place. she has Two famous restaurants Visited by all lovers of good food. In addition, he received an award bohemian excellence How Best chef in town It was nominated for “Best New Restaurant” by the Travel & Leisure Gourmet Awards.

Chef Herrera's tough personality can't be absent in the kitchen (Image: Instagram / @masterchefmx)
Chef Herrera’s tough personality can’t be absent in the kitchen (Image: Instagram / @masterchefmx)

He will become the second chef on the TV show البرنامج Jose Ramon Castillo, Who is the Replacing Benito Molina When he left the show in 2019. This chocolatier was the first to confirm his participation.

His prestigious studies Ritz Escoffier French School of Gastronomy, from Paris, and in Saint Paul de Mar University College of Hospitality and Tourism, in Barcelona, ​​they shaped him as one of the best chefs in Mexico, so much so that he was the first Mexican winner at a European culinary camp, Catalan Youth Kitchen Competition.

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she has Chocolate and candy store called Qiu Bo!, located in Mexico City, where you can enjoy exquisite chocolates and handcrafted truffles.

Chocolate maker Jose Ramon Castillo will be putting his seasoning in too (Image: Instagram/@masterchefmx)
Chocolate maker Jose Ramon Castillo will be putting his seasoning in too (Image: Instagram/@masterchefmx)

The person who cannot be absent from the panel of judges is kings chef, Fernando Stoffel. His nickname is not secondary or inventor, because with culinary art he managed to cook Queen Isabel II So is the Beckham family.

Born in CDMX, his English ancestry has managed to shape and detail his fascination in the kitchen. Learn about this business thanks to his mother, because she organized the events in The British Embassy in Mexico. Because his father believed that a gastronomy profession would not give him good job prospects, he had to trick him into studying it.

He traveled to the UK to obtain a master’s degree in international relations, but he did not miss the opportunity, and with the help of his grandmother, He joined one of the most prestigious chef schools in that nation. Eventually his father found out, but Stoffel was already a recognized cook.

From royals to Mexico, Fernando Stoffel will put his talent in pots (Image: Instagram/@masterchefmx)
From royals to Mexico, Fernando Stoffel will put his talent in pots (Image: Instagram/@masterchefmx)

Who closes the iron wall of Masterchef Celebrity Mexico is Chef Betty Vazquez. Originally from Nayarit, her academic training was in Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris, France, where he gained the most experience.

After being the first chef from Nayarit to promote the flavors of her state in Mexico City, after being invited, during the 1990s, to hold festivals in Estoril Restaurant, has established herself as one of the best Mexican chefs and founded Dolphin Restaurant, located inside Garza Canela HotelIt is located in Riviera Nayarita.

Chef Betty's talent will also be at Masterchef Celebrity México (Image: Instagram / @masterchefmx)
Chef Betty’s talent will also be at Masterchef Celebrity México (Image: Instagram / @masterchefmx)

Famous faces will judge the contestants in this new edition of reality show Where he will compete for the first place “4 actresses, 2 actors, 5 singers, 1 referee, a fitness trainer, a fashion designer, 1 influencer, a comedian, a multi-athlete player, a journalist and 3 TV hosts.”

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Now we just have to wait for the premiere date, quarrels, screams and shouts caused by the stress of Mexico’s most famous cuisine which, surely, won’t disappoint anyone.

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