Mario Garcia, the Spanish athlete who broke the American record for the first time in 173 years

At the University of Missouri a Spaniard makes history. This is Mario Garcia, who became the first athlete to score in various sporting events at this American university.

Mario is studying biochemistry and in his race track he emerged third in the individual 3000m race and second in the team relay race. In addition to achieving these feats, Mario didn’t stop there and ten days later he was among the top 30 in the final of the League in the 10-kilometer crosshair.

The Spaniard has left his entire university silent by achieving what no one has achieved in the institution’s 173-year history. “Getting 3 out of all Americans is something I couldn’t even imagine.”

Mario Garcia, who has become one of the greatest promises in national athletics, admits, “In my university we have world champions and Olympic champions, and seeing my name next to them is an added bonus.”

He is also attracted to medicine and talks about the coronavirus pandemic: “I have seen how important medicine is, especially in Spain when doctors and nurses were needed.”

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