Maria Portillo Pérez of Alcalá, FIP Rise Kuwait Steel Padel Championship champion

Maria Portillo Pérez, Last Sunday, November 19 in Kuwait, the padel player from Alcalá, who belongs to the Oromana Tennis Club, was declared the champion of the FIP Rise Kuwait Steel International Padel Championship of the International Padel Federation Circuit.

In this tournament, which was held throughout the week in Kuwait (in the Arabian Gulf) in the presence of players of different nationalities, Maria, along with her partner Carla Vito (Catalonia), was able to qualify for the final after defeating different competitors in four elimination rounds and winning the aforementioned final in a match. Very close with scores of 7/5 and 7/6 due to Tia Louisa Norton (United Kingdom) and Rosalie van der Hoek (Netherlands).

Maria said in statements to the media: “I feel proud, apart from the importance of the title they achieved, for the effort and daily work behind each victory is ultimately what a person will take with them when their sporting career ends.”

He also expressed his gratitude to the organization and to the Kuwaiti fans attending the tournament, noting that “the fact of winning this title in Kuwait, which is a completely different country and with a completely different culture from ours, gave me the opportunity to participate in the tournament.” Meet People “Wonderful people who treated us with admirable kindness and affection.”

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