British millionaires demand that the government impose higher taxes on their wealth They suggest Sunak impose a 2 percent tax on high wealth

An alliance of millionaires Which calls for increased investment in the UK Letters were sent to the Treasury and the Bank of England calling on the government to do so Imposing a 2% tax on wealth exceeding $12.5 million To finance part of Public Health The country instead of cutting taxes on the rich. This call to action from the UK’s National Millionaires Movement is in line with growing concern in British society about tax fairness and the role of the wealthy, as recent surveys have shown.

“It’s the most patriotic thing you can do.”

“Our tax system should be fair. The fall announcement should raise taxes on us, the wealthy. We want it. Society wants it. Our country needs it.” Tax our wealth and invest in a stronger, more sustainable Britain. “It’s the most patriotic thing you can do,” the message on the social network reads. National Millionaires UK Addressed to Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt. The Autumn Statement is one of two statements issued by the British government led by Prime Minister Rishi SnackHis wealth is estimated at approximately $770 million. It is implemented every year before Parliament after the publication of the economic budget.

The UK’s national millionaires argue so Increase taxes It will generate $27.5 billion annually, which is a number More than 600,000 male and female nurses can be funded, exceeding three-quarters of the UK nursing workforce. The British billionaires group presented a letter to the Treasury and Bank of England on Tuesday that read: “Tax our wealth.”

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The call comes amid speculation that Minister Jeremy Hunt may consider policies that would favor the country’s richest 4 per cent, including potentially cutting inheritance tax. From this standpoint, the billionaires group seeks to remind the minister of the general support for the tax policy on the rich, whether by the population or the rich.

Phil WhiteA member of the National Millionaires Association in the United Kingdom stressed the need to extend a helping hand to improve the situation in the country. “We have a potential of $530 million a week that is currently untapped because we don’t tax extreme wealth. Don’t the people of the UK deserve more?asked White, who in turn criticized the minister’s potential tax-cut agenda as a “disappointing decision” that favors the rich.

Rachel Henry, from the NGO Tax Justice UK, added that it is necessary to impose taxes on those with huge wealth and close tax loopholes that allow them to reduce their taxes further. According to the UK’s Tax Justice Authority, closing just five of these loopholes could raise more than $8.7 billion a year for essential public services, even before policies such as a wealth tax are introduced.

Popular support

A survey conducted by the consulting company YouGov revealed this Three-quarters of Britons support a wealth taxWhile a survey conducted by Survation for the National Millionaires Foundation showed that 68% of the country’s richest people support a 2% tax on those with assets of more than £12.5 million. Even among conservative voters, support for this measure reaches 51%.

Furthermore, research by consultancy Opinium Research suggests that closing tax loopholes is a priority for three in five Britons, including nearly three-quarters of Conservative voters in 2019. Only a quarter of those surveyed believe that cutting taxes should It should be a priority over public spending. Public services.

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