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The leader of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), Marcus Söder, on Sunday (04.04.20219) urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to intervene in the election of the conservative candidate for the general election, a question that remains open, six months after the election date. The election. “The elections to run for the chancellery must be in close agreement with Angela Merkel,” Söder points out, in statements to the Bild newspaper on Sunday.

“Because it must be a joint election campaign with the chancellor,” continues Söder, “a union candidate cannot succeed without Angela Merkel’s support.” The Bavarian leader is credited with this appointment, which should arise from consensus between the CSU and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the party that Merkel chaired between 2000 and 2018. Elections are expected to take place in the next few weeks. This week, centrist Christian Democratic Union leader Armin Laschet began campaigning for his party, making clear his determination to be the candidate.

However, from the conservative ranks, other options are being explored, given Laché’s unpopularity and fear of an electoral collapse like the one the CDU suffered in regional elections last March, as it remained at its lowest historical levels. The conservative bloc’s intent is expected to be 27%, four points lower than last month and five points above its immediate followers, the Greens, by leaps and bounds. “But we saw how quickly opinion polls could change,” said Julia Kluckner, vice president of the CDU, the Funk Media Group.

Soder, more to the right than the leader of the CDU, is appreciated by his countrymen better – 56% prefer him as an advisor, compared to 19% of those who speak for Lachette, according to a poll by the public TV channel ARD. The weekly Der Spiegel reports that many CDU lawmakers support the head of the conservative group in the Bundestag (the Federal Parliament), Ralph Brinkhaus, as an alternative. (efe / dpa)

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