A noble gesture by Carlos Tevez with ex-fighter in Malvinas after Boca defeated Defense and Justice

Carlos Tevez He was a great character Bucca, In a 2-1 victory against defense and justice. The famous idol once again showed his hierarchy leading the team Michelangelo Russo Stay with 3 points in a Bombonera.

But the highlight Apache That happened when the match ended. Without giving any explanation, captain Zaines Approached the sector where prof A former fighter in Malvinas And they gave him his shirt as a sign of gratitude and admiration for what he had done during the war with him United kingdom.

In line with the win, the striker said his team “sometimes” played well and was excited about the future in the domestic tournament. “They are playing well. It’s getting tough. Sometimes we play well. The opponent did well in defense and attack, but we were more effective at setting goalsAnalyze.

Then he indicated the goal that he had reached 92 shouting and Juan Roman Riquelme arrived (The current club’s second vice president) as the tenth highest goalscorer in history xeneize: “Much has been said about this goal. And when there is enough talk, a person is alert. I already knew it was going to happen on my own“, I acknowledge.

He then commented that this is the seventh game this year in which his team started at a disadvantage due to a defensive foul: “It is difficult to look for something, we went in to make the difference from the start. We are having difficulty defending and attacking and opening the scoreboard. It’s a mixture of everything, it’s a three-line process, which takes time and adapts; But we are on this pathHe was sentenced.

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Finally he talked about his presence in Mauro Zarate As far as he served in triumph:I think Mauro gives these options, any time he dribbles or passes like today“He completed.

Boca defeated Defense and Justice 2-1 Goals from Carlos Tevez And Mauro Zarate in a Bombonera (Walter Poe May put the visit in favor). That way, he won his first home victory so far this year and settled in Zone B in the League Cup. On the day of its 116th anniversary, it was able to celebrate once again thus covering up the inner leaders who blew up during the week.

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