Marches in Bolivia against and support for the arrest of the former president

(EFE). – The former interim president of Bolivia, Janine Anez, and the former interim ministers in her short government, lvaro Coimbra, of Justice, and Rodrigo Guzmán, of energy, will be sent to prison for four months as a precaution, while they are civilians. The committees and victims of the crisis the country went through in 2019 are preparing rallies for and against this measure.

Criminal Investigative Judge Regina Santa Cruz has determined the pretrial detention of a temporary ex-president (2019-2020) at the Oprahs Women’s Counseling Center, while former female ministers will be detained in San Pedro Prison.

During the nearly ten-hour hearing that actually took place, the allegations were heard from Anez, the Prosecutor’s Office, and ex-ruling party MP Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) Lydia Patti, who in December 2020 filed a complaint for a “coup” with the Public Prosecution Office.

“The fact that they want to be described as a coup plotter is a recurring thing. The government cannot be a coup plot when the Legislative Council is working.”

Anez said while addressing the judge: “The fact that they want to describe me as a coup is a recurring matter. The government cannot be a coup when the Legislative Council is working.”

She demanded a trial in the trial of responsibility for her personality as a former president, and affirmed that she does not intend to leave the country and that she will continue to “show her face” when justice asks for it.

“Generally With Mrs. Eva Cuba (President of the Senate at the time) and the Legislative Council passed and we passed a law calling for general elections, and I think that was a great achievement for all Bolivians, and as a result Mister Lewis called for elections. Arce is the boss, said Nez.

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“I was born in Bolivia, I live in Bolivia and I will die in Bolivia”, she settled from the facilities of the Special Crime Force (FELC) in La Paz, where she is still being held with her former ministers.

Anez, detained in the early hours of Saturday morning, and his former ministers, who were arrested Friday afternoon, are on trial in the context of the “coup” case, and are accused of inciting sedition, terrorism and conspiracy during the 2019 crisis after the failed elections that led to the resignation. Evo Morales to the Presidency of Bolivia.

The Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office had requested this Sunday, six months from Pretrial detention, But the judge took it as a long time to investigate.

Former Justice Minister Coimbra condemned on Twitter that their families were “harassed and threatened” and said that “whatever happens to them” is the responsibility of former President Evo Morales and President Luis Ars.

Former Justice Minister Coimbra denounced on Twitter that their families were “being harassed and threatened” and said that “whatever happens to them” is the responsibility of former President Evo Morales and President Luis Ars.

Dalia Lima, wife of ex-minister Guzmán, said of her regret to Efe: “It’s a complete abuse, it’s all illegal, it’s orders from above, everything is armed.”

After learning of the court decision, Janine Anez pointed out that “the American Military Association decides and the judicial system obeys.” She will be arrested “pending trial, on charges of” a coup that never happened. “

In the Amazon city of Trinidad, where ñez and the two former ministers were arrested, a civil committee demanded that they be released within the next 48 hours and warned of further pressure measures.

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In addition, the Pro Santa Cruz Commission called for a rally on Monday afternoon, and the civil resistance in Oruro demanded that the Citizen Councils be restored to express their rejection of the apprehension.

On the contrary, since Saturday, a group of “self-accredited” people, trade unionists, transporters, and representatives of victims of the 2019 conflicts have organized a protest at the gates of the House of Representatives, demanding justice and that “the burden of law” rests on the shoulders of Anez and his ministers.

On the other hand, another group gathered in the southern region of La Paz to express their support for the former interim president and former ministers, indicating that their government was not the product of a “coup”. “

Ex-President Carlos Mesa, leader of Bolivia’s main opposition party, Comunidad Ciudadana, He sent a letter to the United Nations on SundayTo the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Union and the Organization of American States (OAS) denouncing “judicial persecution” in his country.

Mesa (2003-2005) urged that “the international community pays utmost attention to Bolivia to avoid the collapse of democracy and the systematic violation of human rights in the near future.”

Mesa urged (2003-2005) that “the international community pays utmost attention to Bolivia to avoid the collapse of democracy and the systematic violation of human rights in the near future.”

For its part, opposition group Alianza Creemos has submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) a request for precautionary measures in Nez, Guzmán and Coimbra, and all persons being prosecuted “due to the social mobilization that demanded the resignation of former President Evo Morales in 2019”.

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The Archbishop of Santa Cruz, Monsignor Sergio Gualberti, asked, “The aim is to describe the people and their representatives who defend the citizens’ vote and democracy as the coup plotters, while the perpetrators of fraud are presented as victims. Democracy demands respect for human rights.”

Likewise, authorities have reported the arrest of Yasser Molina, the leader of the Kochala Youth Movement, who led several demonstrations after the failed 2019 elections.


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