Get your butt muscles in just 5 minutes with these exercises

We have some Buttocks Good job is a sign of discipline s stability During exercise, this will result in a firm and toned butt, but it is not a matter of a day.

If you work on it regularly, at least twice a week, you will notice the change in a short time, in addition to the fact that it is important to focus on specific exercises for these muscles of the lower part of your body, but also take care of other joints, such as the knee or hip.

To get a solid and rounded buttocks, we suggest the following exercises:

Crab step

No, this exercise is not a dance move or something similar, it is a powerful movement that will do wonders for the butt muscles, and it also works on the hamstrings and hips, if you want more intensity, you can use an elastic band between the legs to execute you.

To implement it, it is necessary to put your body in a squat position, as soon as you go down you must walk to one side and to the other side, the back should always be straight and the knees bent.

Kick back

This exercise is great for strengthening your buttocks and strengthening your hips. Its implementation is very simple, you just need to take the plank position with your knees also on the floor and your legs alternately raised back.

The important thing is that you do the exercise carefully without hurting your hip, and it should be slow to take full advantage of it.

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Side kick

This exercise is very similar to the previous exercise, only instead of rolling your leg back you should do it to the side, but always with the knee bent, it is also important to maintain a fluid conscious movement for 30 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg for the same time.


This exercise is one of the best you can do for both the buttocks and the quadriceps muscle, as it exercises both parts at the same time, giving the first roundness, size, and strength of others.

What you must do is simple, take a step forward, as if you were to kneel until your knee hits the ground, then raise your hips, bend over your front foot and repeat.

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