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Forty years after their last studio album, legendary Swedish pop group ABBA announced Thursday in London a new adventure that includes the release of an album Unreleased songs and holograms of its now 70s members.

And the group recently published a message on social media calling on its followers to take a new “journey” on the date of September 2, 2021This sparked speculation about his return.

He also posted mystery videos, including a piano version of “Dancing Queen,” and promised a “historic livestream.”

At the time, record company Polydor organized an event with the press in London to reveal “several surprises” that the organizers did not want to give in details, content to ensure “that they were worth it”.

Abba Tares

According to the British newspaper, The Sun, new songs and a series of performances will be announced that celebrate classic themes using holograms: songs like The band “Abba-Tares” performs “Dancing Queen”, “Money, Money, Money” and “Waterloo”, i.e. avatars of group members when they were young.

The show can be watched from next May until 2025, with eight shows per week, in a 3,000-seat theater built for the occasion in east London, according to the newspaper. Then he travels to Stockholm or Las Vegas.

The four ABBA members—whose first names are anagrams—are now over 70: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, aged 75, Agnetha Fältskog, 71; Björn Olväus, 76, and Benny Anderson, 74.

Swede Carl Magnus Palm, an expert on the legendary collection, confirmed to AFP Thursday that the creation of these digital avatars delayed their comeback.

“They had technology issues, and things didn’t go as expected,” claimed. “They were finally ready to take off a year ago, but then the pandemic came,” he said.

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In his opinion, ABBA used “very advanced technology”, so their holograms will look realistic.

“The actual members of ABBA won’t be there, but I think there will be live musicians playing along with ‘ABBA DIGITAL’ and they’ll look like the younger versions of themselves. Like they did in 1979,” he said.

The flame is still alive

Since their last studio album in 1981 and their dissolution in 1982, the legendary Swedish pop group that has sold over 400 million records has not released any new material.

but Their breakup broke the hearts of countless fans whose flame was never extinguished: their 1992 most successful album “ABBA Gold” is one of the best-selling albums in the world. And last July, it became the number one album to have been on UK charts for a thousand weeks.

Later, the musical “Mamma Mia” and the films based on it – starring Meryl Streep and Colin Firth – attracted new fans who weren’t even born in the 1970s.

New music this year

On April 27, 2018, the group’s members announced that they were back in the studio for the first time in nearly four decades. Two songs were recorded: one called “I Still Believe in You” and the other “Don’t Shut Me Down”.

But the promise to publish new topics – since then, ABBA members hinted at up to five songs in interviews– It has been postponed.

Bjorn Ulvaeus recently confirmed that there will be new material before the end of 2021. “There will be new music this year, that’s for sure, it’s not a question of whether it can happen, it will happen,” he told the Australian newspaper. Herald Sun May.

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In April, he confirmed to The Times that he had written the lyrics for the new songs and that Anderson had composed the music. The group, he said, “still looks very much like ABBA.”

The four Scandinavians met in the late 1960s and began to achieve international success after winning Eurovision in 1974 with their debut single, “Waterloo”.

But after divorcing Fältskog, Ulvaeus, Andersson and Lyngstad – who were a real-life married couple – they dissolved eight years later.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, each member weighs in between $200 million and $300 million.

In 2000, the band turned down a billion-dollar offer to go on a world tour of 100 concerts.

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