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This is sad May 1 for male and female workers in our country. A day of mourning. In exchange for 400,000 people lost due to Covid-19, many of them due to the (Jair) government of Bolsonaro’s refusal to purchase the vaccines provided to him, ” Lula denounced in his speech to this day in a hypothetical act.

He also alluded to “14 million unemployed, victims of an economic policy that enriches millionaires and impoverishes workers … For the 19 million Brazilians who suffer from hunger today, they are left to their devices because of this bad management.”

The founder of the Labor Party admitted that they know the scale of the challenge to rebuild, as the country “is being destroyed by a government of hatred and incompetence. But we also know our strength.”

He warned that “full employment, conquered by our governments, has given way to a record rate of unemployment and frustration.”

He stated that in addition to the 14 million unemployed Brazilians, six million have given up looking for work because they know they will not find them.

He specified that 38 million people suffer from shortages of workers and live in separate jobs. He stressed that “a total of 58 million workers live in precarious conditions.”

However, the government is refusing to provide emergency aid worth 600 riyals ($ 108), so that residents can cover their basic needs, he said.

The former labor leader lamented the contraction of the national economy and is now 7 per cent lower than it was in 2014. “We were once among the seven largest economies in the world. Today we went down to the twelfth place. He pointed out that the Lava Jato process is The dismantled judiciary destroyed strategic economic sectors, especially civil construction and the oil and gas production chain, which benefited foreign companies and governments.

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My anger at this level of injustice is so great. But what is bigger than the anger is my confidence in the Brazilian people. They are bigger than these destroyers in our country. Brazil will turn around. We cannot lose hope.

International Labor Day was celebrated without the massive and traditional street acts, but with speeches and concerts broadcast on television, social networks, and other internet platforms.

There were demonstrations in which social movements on the streets denounced the lack of vaccines against COVID-19. Posters such as “Bolsonaro genocidal”, “Bolsonaro out”, “Impeachment ya” and “Vacuna ya” were displayed in the protests.

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