ECLAC welcomes the meeting of the Puebla Group in Brazil

Brasilia-. Today, the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Barceñas, received the meeting of the Puebla Group in Rio de Janeiro to promote a model of development based on solidarity.

In a message broadcast on the social network Twitter, Barcenas highlighted the importance of the meeting because the above-mentioned model is its main goal, on the basis of equality and sustainability, he said.

The title refers to the work of the organization you run in favor of designing incremental development to achieve the transition from a culture of excellence to a culture of equality in the region.

He pointed out that this requires viewing equality as a political and economic project, because inequality conspires against development.

“Inequality threatens the efficiency of development, which is why we have to build alternative pathways that show us the projects of society where changes are deep and structural in the dynamics of production and consumption,” Barcenas said.

In this sense, he called for an in-depth review of the problems of Latin America and the Caribbean, while at the same time claiming the importance of the role of the state in these processes.

The 70-year-old Mexican diplomat drew attention to the political processes taking place in Latin America and the Caribbean, and their relationship to progressive models that focus on changing the mode of development based on proposals for gender equality, environmental sustainability, industrialization, etc.

Barcenas also welcomed many of the founders of the Puebla group, whom he described as dreamers of the future of the left in the region.

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The group’s meeting in Rio de Janeiro is the latest international event that Barcenas attends as Director of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean after 14 years at the helm of that organization that relies on the United Nations to promote economic and social development in the region.

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