Low vaccination rate against Covid-19 fears

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Stadiums are full and not tied to teams with a low rate of vaccination against them COVID-19. It is the scenario that takes place in Premier League, one of the pioneers in reducing censorship of fans entering stadiums and one of the less successful competitions in extending vaccination among its teams. The explanation, according to what they pointed out from England, may be in the lack of promotion by the stars or due to the limited participation of the competition.

The latest message sent by the same association to the clubs confirmed that as many as 13 clubs out of the 20 participating have a percentage of Vaccination is less than 50%. According to a report published by the newspaper MailThat number has barely risen since it shipped in September. And the British newspaper, based on a survey conducted between clubs, placed the English Premier League on the waiting list for vaccinations among the major leagues.

The National Football League agrees with the competition percentages Football, where according to the same information, there were barely 49% of those who were vaccinated with the full schedule a few days ago. In addition, a 25% of players admitted they didn’t No doses have been vaccinated against Covid-19, and only three clubs have started the season with more than 80% of their teams vaccinated. Unlike the Premier League, the percentage appears to have increased since the end of the summer.

The scenario in the UK and its sport, which is what worries within the competition, is very different from that of other countries. United StateFor example, 95% of players and VIPs are vaccinated, with some perks as high as 100%.

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Even in the NBA, some of the few players who did not receive any shots were eliminated. In Spain, for example, F.C.B It announced that it has exceeded 90% vaccination among players and staff. And in the world of tennis, according to the study by the British newspaper, the percentage is already above 60% with options that it will increase in the face of the next big tournaments.

no promotion

One of the keys to the difference between the PM and other competitions, as it is referred to in England, may be in lack of promotion. The Premier League has not promoted any campaign, though Mail He asserts that they were working to include some measures to increase vaccination among the players. Something happened in competitions like the American competitions when you watched the great faces of the competition promoting vaccines.

“Younger and less experienced players look up to them and want the same success. Talk about having people who have them player confidence. This was very important,” explained an NFL doctor Mail. It must be remembered that Spain made the vaccine available to Olympians in a plan that was successful and helped spread the vaccination against Covid-19 among athletes.

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