López-Gatell denies cutting health budget for 2024 and says resources went to IMSS-Bienestar

by Arturo Cerda Diaz

Hugo Lopez-GatellUndersecretary of the Ministry of Health refused to do so in a budget Expenses By 2024 there will be a cutoff 96 thousand 900 million From the peso.

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The interview took place upon arrival at a session advice National From Morena, explain that the resources are in a different element to make them available to the system IMSS-Luxury.

“there is nothing chopped offOn the contrary, the health budget has increased. There are some legislators and legislators from opposition And the press you want to confuse. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there is now IMSS-Luxuryis the new health care institution and this institution takes the budget that was previously in place GenealogicalLopez-Gatell confirmed.

The “anti-Covid Caesar” also denied this loss Of medicines. He indicated that there would be enough money to supply Recipes from the public sector.

He was accused of being a campaign One of the companies that used to sell medicines to the government.

“We’ve never had a shortage budget We had a shortage of medicines. What we had is sabotage By companies that speculated on health, and this took time dismantling All those networks corruption. Fortunately, we already have it under control, and there is a full supply of it pharmaceuticalsaid the undersecretary.

Hugo López-Gatell stressed that the project “excellent Opposite“, which the President recently announced Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

He said it is not a Shop One, but from several centers distribution.

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“This is a project that comes from the beginning sexeniumIt simply turned out differently stagesmore capacity For those voids that existed distributionEspecially in the last stage, which is technically called the last mile, it is covered and that the medicines can reach every health center and not just to Warehouses The state,” he explained.

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