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Workers and members of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) expressed their support for the party and government on Friday in the face of internal destabilization attempts by those who are ignorant of the ongoing work of the Cuban Revolution and the improvement of our work. The socialist development model.

In a statement announced at the headquarters of the Scientific Foundation and with the support of staff and members of the Administrative Coordination Committee, which includes more than 400 academics and young participants representing the scientific community in our country, they noted that there are no clothing “presumably pacifists, humanitarians or disinterested people can support counter-revolutionary measures, Not to mention the context of profound transformations of various kinds and with a remarkable collective mission of Cuban civil society, with enormous responsibilities and methods of realization supported by our Party and our Government.

The ACC also denounced the economic attacks, the campaign to discredit our political system, and the distorted use of the situation caused by the pandemic.

“We condemn and reject with the same energy the organization of a supposed social outbreak in Cuba, cynically using the same negative effects as the massive blockade of the Cuban people,” said Dr. Luis Velasquez Perez, Chair of the ACC, who read the following. text.

On behalf of the youth of this prestigious institution, Urles Delgado López, Legal Counsel, validates the readiness to defend the Cuban social project and to continue building the society we want.

Yudith Yu Santana, Director General of the ACC, stressed that as part of this people, “we will struggle to develop with or without siege. This is a smart people who know no breakthrough can be achieved by the enemy, who opportunistically exploit complex situations to try to discredit us.”

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There was no doubting the solidity of our men of science, said Dr. Enrique Aris Soler, Coordinator of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, while Olga Fernández Ríos, Vice President of the ACC, meant they stand with our people in this. Unusual battle.

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