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Text: List of recordings for Tuesday, June 7, 2022 from Prensa Latina Radio Service (PLRadio), which you can order through and by phone: 7838 3494 7838 3508 and blackboard 7838 3496 to 99 and 7838 3500 to 03 from Havana.

We provide news:

* Today’s news (morning)

* Live from Cuba (morning)

* Panorama of Latin America (morning) * Saeta (morning)

* Facts and events in the United States (evening).

* Daily exercise (morning)

* Scientific look (evening) +

As they appear in the programming from the scene:

* Recommended by the editor: They deplore the effects of the US blockade on children in Cuba. By Joel Michel in Havana

* Global Orbit: The Syrian-Iranian Action Plan to Strengthen Trade Relations. Written by Fadi Maarouf from Damascus

*Special: The world record climber from Nepal Kami Rita Sherpa

Written by Alfredo Bwada Mula from Nepal.

* Correspondents: Nicaragua has a digital book on municipal elections. Written by Uspel Bolin in Managua.

*Exclusive: China’s capital normalizes its social and economic life. Written by Yuladi Martinez in Beijing.

The broad front denounces the economic and security emergency in Uruguay. By Hugo Royce in Montevideo

Today we also offer the following news programmes:

In Search of Knowledge: Karina, Their Women, and the Venezuelan Tokubo Forest

* To Live Better: A Little Bit of Humor to Live Better

Weekly summaries also appear on our website:

* Cultural and scientific summary

*seven days sport

*Economy Weekly

* In three minutes

* Cuba is not alone

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