Britain bans trade in ivory


The British government said the United Kingdom has taken a step forward in conservation by implementing a near-total ban on Monday on the import, export and trade of items containing elephant ivory.

Elephants are often targeted because of their ivory tusks and the demand for ivory is known to contribute to poaching, leading to a decline in elephant numbers, according to a note from the UK Department of the Environment.

He adds that the ban would ensure vital protection for elephants by ending the UK’s ivory trade. From Monday, trading in items for these items will be illegal unless people who trade them register or have an exemption certificate. The Savannah elephant population declined by 30% in 15 African countries between 2007 and 2014, and it is estimated that thousands are still slaughtered annually on demand.

british ivory law

The ministry said in a statement that the British Ivory Act is one of the strictest forms of ban on the sale of elephant ivory in the world. People found guilty of violating the ban will face harsh penalties, including an unlimited fine or imprisonment of up to five years.

The British Secretary of State for the Environment, Zach Goldsmith, said so “The entry into force of this world-leading law represents a historic moment to ensure the survival of elephants around the world for generations to come.”.

Every year, thousands of elephants are cruelly targeted for their ivory for financial gain. As one of the toughest bans of its kind, we’re sending a clear message that the trade in elephant ivory is totally unacceptable.”he added.

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