List of important figures who said “no” to the invitation of Carlos III

There are only a few days left until the coronation ceremony of Charles III takes place. One of the most important events the British monarchy has witnessed in the past seventy years. However, although Buckingham Palace invested a large amount of money in organizing the coronation and after-ceremony activities, the truth is that it was unable to reach an agreement with the world's top celebrities, who were finally able to arrive in the United Kingdom. He said “no” to the new king by refusing to participate in the ceremony that will be held in his honor on May 7.

As was revealed, Adele and Ed Sheeran, two of the most famous singers in the United Kingdom, have declined the invitation to perform in front of the British people on behalf of the Crown.. This decision was a severe blow to Charles III, given that this would never have happened to his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. According to a source consulted by The Mail on Sunday, the new British monarch “suggested several people he would like to see perform, and Adele and Ed were on that list. “I was very interested in them being part of the concert,” he said. Insiders, the event's organizing committee “set up a team to get talent to sign up, so they reached out to the two, but received responses saying they weren't available, which was a huge disappointment.”

Why did Adele and Ed Sheeran reject Charles III's invitation?

According to the memo published by the aforementioned media, Ed Sheeran took the decision to reject his invitation to attend Her Majesty’s coronation ceremony, because he will hold a concert in Texas, in the United States, one day before the ceremony. Although the “Shape of You” singer may have arrived in the UK on a nine-hour flight on a private plane, the truth is that he preferred not to attend. For this part, Adele did not provide any explanation for her decision to miss the concert organized by Buckingham Palace.

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The most famous British artists in the United Kingdom leave Charles III alone on his coronation day

In addition to Adele and Ed Sheeran, Some media confirmed that Elton John, Harry Styles, the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams also refused to participate in the musical show after the coronation of Charles III. As expected, this situation has caused concern in the British monarchy, as the presence of this select group of artists at the ceremony held on May 7 was highly anticipated by the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Despite this situation, it is expected that the royal family will reach an agreement with other artists so that they can attend the event, So the names of Joss Stone, Kylie Minogue and even Madonna began to sound very loudly in Buckingham Palace.

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