Cuba exported 38 million vaccines against livestock ticks

Countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil are among the beneficiaries of this product, CIGB branch director in Camagüey province, Nemesio Gonzalez Fernandez, told the Cuban News Agency.

The Director noted that since its introduction, approximately 24 million doses of the proven effectiveness of this biotechnological product have been applied in Cuba, reducing the use of chemical products and the transmission of diseases caused by ticks.

Cuba has the world's only registered and marketed vaccine against cattle ticks, the main vector of disease transmission in these animals, Mario Pablo Estrada García, director of agricultural research, recently told CIGB's Prensa Latina in Havana.

Estrada highlighted that in 2012 the Texas Livestock Parasite Control Center published an article proving that this product controls 99 percent of ticks on livestock and suggesting its use on the Mexico-U.S. border.

“It is a reliable result of what Cuban science and scientists are able to do despite the unjust and genocidal blockade imposed by the United States on the island,” the researcher added.


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