Lilia Cedillo highlights the work of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

The Dean of BUAP, Dr. Lilia Cedillo Ramírez, stressed that the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences is steadily progressing towards its consolidation as an academic unit with a clear orientation towards research and this is evidenced by the match that exists between the profile of the faculty and the goals they pursue; This is after hearing the first work report of the director of this unit, Dr. Luis Ochoa Bilbao (2022-2026).

“When I got to the rectory, I spoke with Dr. Ochoa Bilbao, who was then director of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, at that moment we talked about how the interests of law were more focused on professionalism, while political science was more research-oriented. For academic reasons, we thought of separating them, in order to have strong faculties with different development possibilities. I realize now, through the activities that have been reported in the past year, that they are on a steady pace towards achieving those goals.”

Cedillo Ramírez promised to continue the collaboration for the benefit of this Faculty, and stressed that thanks to the construction of CU2, units such as Political Science will gradually have better conditions to carry out their substantive activities over the next five years.

“There will be adjustments in the spaces, this college will be integrated and everything they are doing now will bear fruit in the coming years. It is the first of many successes, which is why I reiterate my commitment to working together for your benefit.”

For his part, Dr. Bilbao Ochoa reports that it currently has a student body of 2,346 students, divided into three academic programs at the undergraduate level and 47 postgraduate students.

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Regarding the faculty, it is made up of 99 teachers, of which 33 are registered with the National Scholars System, 37 have a Prodep profile and another 31 belong to the VIEP registry. Likewise, they form eight academic bodies, five of which are consolidated and three more, in the process of doing so.

Regarding the academic offer, he noted that the three degrees they offer: Political Science, International Relations and Sociology have been endorsed and accredited by the relevant authorities since 2018. In addition, their three postgraduate courses are part of Conahcyt’s national postgraduate system, of which two are They prefer the scientific and research approach, while the postgraduate course in social studies prefers professionalism, in addition to allowing a double degree with another university.

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