Leicester vs. Leeds Premier League: goals, summary and score

Leeds United FC in Marcelo Bielsa’s squad is the guarantee of the spectacle. It’s not so much about his game being a marvel, but about the fact that it’s virtually impossible for a Rosario game to be boring. And although he can win as much as he can lose to anyone, he achieves resounding successes from time to time. This is what happened last Sunday while visiting Leicester.

Rosarino’s team started losing very early, but that didn’t matter to him and, according to his style, he went ahead and beat a team that, in addition to being champion in 2016, wanted to be second in the tournament to fight with him. Manchester and Liverpool.

Leeds’ usual boldness allowed the locals to find the gap in the 13th minute, when Harvey Barnes took the ball midfield after a bad change up front and went single-handedly across midfield. He opened to his right, continued on his way into the area, greeted, and met passively from a defense that did not want to touch him, and shot a low cross on the right that reached the goal.

The Bielsa players, who play as if the scoreboard were not there, did not pay much attention and that is why after two minutes, full back Luke Aaling appeared to the right of attacking, and played with Patrick Bamford and the attacker’s heart deepened the rise of the multifaceted midfielder Stuart Dallas, who also entered the area from the right side. To settle a tie.

Five minutes later, at 20 o’clock, Leicester appeared to hit again because a shot from outside James Madison, rejected by goalkeeper Ilan Messler, ended up at the feet of Oz Perez, who pushed her into goal. However, the flag raised the streak and the VAR technique confirmed that the decision was the right one: the striker advanced when the ball was knocked out.

At 32 o’clock, the same destination made the visit. Kasper Schmeichel saved a superb ball in a corner kick and Clich put it on the rebound but in front. Little by little, the son of legendary Peter becomes a character who relies on many good saves.

So the only way he looked like he could be defeated was an incredible goal. Bamford answered that call.

In the 25th of the second half, a poor start from Leicester and good pressure from Leeds allowed Bielsa to regain the ball on the opposing court, and Ravinia, who had thrown in three quarters of the field, enabled Bamford first, who pushed him. Defense advanced high and stayed in the gap left by the middle.

On the ninth day of the Rosario team, he allowed the ball to pass and took a high cross shot with the left foot dug into Schmeichel’s corner. The Loco He released a tied cry, shook his fist, and with that burden released, he returned to his usual calm.

With goalkeeper Messellier saving two clear chances for Leicester, Leeds finished settling the lawsuit five minutes before the end, when the Blues began seeking parity with the midfield. In pot With a free kick.

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Pascal Strejek cleared the way and almost four touches from his own area led to Bamford’s hand (he gave the goal to Jack Harrison, who accompanied him alone) that was enough for Bielsa’s men to score a 3–1 goal with the counterattack pamphlet in hand and thus deliver one of his best shots to the tournament by winning On one of the teams aspiring to fight for the title.

Leeds is now 12th, with 29 points and a foul referring to the concept of killing or dying with which they play: they have won 9 matches, lost the same amount and are only drawn. And although they have many other teams in the middle, only six points from the classification area to the Cups, unlike the relegation that shorts away from it and sees 15 units away.

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