Lee Ann Pinnock praises Little Mix for the “great support” after her acting debut

Leigh-Anne Pinnock said her Little Mix co-stars have been very supportive as she transitioned into acting in her new movie Boxing Day.

The singer made her debut as Georgia in the romantic comedy, the UK’s first Christmas movie to feature an all-black cast, starring alongside the film’s writer and director, Amal Amin.

Speaking to NME, Pinnock commented on the reaction of fellow Little Mix members Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards to the news: “They were so happy for me. They’re going to be at the premiere. Honestly, they’re so proud.”

“We depend a lot on what we do individually and we all want everyone to win, because then we all win. It’s great and it would be great to have them by my side supporting me. It’s going to be very emotional for the night.”

He added, “It’s more than friendship, it’s brotherhood. We’ll be in each other’s eyes forever.”

He said that the experience of being part of one of the biggest groups in the UK also helped Pinnock make the transition to acting.

“[Mi personaje en Boxing Day]Georgia [que es una estrella del pop] Pinnock said he’s very close to me, I think as a person, but I feel like playing by myself was a little easier because of that interference. “I’m a little used to it.

“So I go all dressed and undressed and put myself in a very vulnerable position, I think that’s totally normal for me.”

When asked if he prefers acting or singing, he replied, “Singing is a bit overrated because that’s what I was born to do. I was born to sing. To be fair, I didn’t know I was going to have that passion for acting, I don’t think so. You know it until you try something, And I loved him.

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“I feel like I’ve found quite a bit of natural talent out there and I’m excited to keep exploring and tuning in.”

Little Mix recently announced that they will be taking a ‘little break’ after touring next year in support of their latest ‘Confetti’ album.

“We think it’s time to take a break so we can recharge and work on other projects,” the band said in a statement announcing the hiatus.

They added, “We’re not parting, Little Mix is ​​here to stay. We have plans for more music, tours, and shows in the future. We’ve done so many great shows with all of you, and we can’t wait to do more.”

Boxing Day is already in UK theaters.

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