Learn some tips to know your physical and mental health

Mexico City. – After a year 2020 filled with many changes in life and daily life, it is certain that you will want to improve your mental and physical health to achieve the goals you set for this new year.

That is why there are different ways to find this balance through the different activities we can do every day. To help you achieve your goals, the online education platform Aprende Institute shares five suggestions that you can implement into your daily routine.

● First of all, get to know your body and take care of it. Not having time for ourselves is one of the frequent excuses to justify that at some point we have neglected ourselves, both physically and mentally. According to wellness experts from the Aprende Institute, it is important to know our bodies and provide them with the necessary care for the body as a whole to function properly. Set aside a part of your day to get personalized attention and give yourself personal attention, either at the start of your day or before bed.

● New habits. A daily routine is something that every person absorbs in their own way, and although many habits have changed due to the epidemic, it is important to renew our activities to refresh our routine and achieve the goal of improvement. Review the activities you spend your time on and assess how you are distributing your energy between work, home, and your other responsibilities.

● Meditation and stress management. In the face of distancing and quarantine measures, in addition to the uncertainty about what will happen in the coming months, mental health has become a priority for many people. Including this practice regularly in your activities will help you balance your mind and emotions.

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● Physical and mental activity. Since it is now not recommended to visit gyms or public places to exercise, we can improvise a space at home to keep our bodies active, such as yoga exercises. The same can be done with our minds, through reading or activities that help put our memory into practice.

● Maintain remote contact. Sometimes we feel lonely or frustrated because we cannot live with friends, family or co-workers; However, we can communicate with it through digital platforms, as well as maintain new dynamics of coexistence through calls and messages.


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