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The long-awaited tab in your eShop Super Mario 3D World + Fury Bowser Updated To clearly detail the dynamics of this new one

It appears to be in the scary new content Cart It was contaminated with a mysterious black substance that captured it in a giant projectile called Fury Sun. Players will see the crust appear on whatever island they go to, and the weather will change indicating its approaching arrival.

If the player had collected the five suns of cats on an island, he would be able to activate the bell bell, which as we know would allow Mario Transform into his new heroic form: Giga Mario Velino. With defeat Cart In this form, the villain will be sent to the depths of the water, which will open a new island for further exploration.

The site also adds the following text:

The enemy of my enemy …

To reverse his father’s transformation, Bowsy has only one trick: asking for help from his archenemy. So, on the Helikoopa plane, Bowsy joins Mario and copies all of his moves, gives him a hand to defeat enemies, and even finds out where power-ups and other very useful secrets of his adventure are hidden.


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