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The Meta team, led by Mark Zuckerberg, announced its new platform developed with artificial intelligence. We refer to it as Meta AI, and it is the same platform that will be integrated into… WhatsApp Messenger Without having to download additional applications.

Meta AI is a conversational chatbot It will answer questions and look up any information for you, plus it will be able to create images, posters, book summaries, etc., all in a few seconds. The application will compete directly with Chat GPT.

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This tool was first implemented in WhatsApp for Android, specifically that it was located above the floating action button, but, It has also just arrived in beta for iOS devices Here we will tell you how to get it.

This is how you can enable Meta AI in WhatsApp for iOS

  • As we said before, you should first switch to the trial version WhatsAppTo do this, download it in advance .
  • After you installed it, In WhatsApp beta for iOS.
  • You will be referred back to TestFlight.
  • Click “Accept” to obtain the position WhatsApp Beta The installation will begin on your phone.
  • Open the app (it’s the same, but converted to beta).
  • As you can see, at the top, next to the camera icon, you’ll see the new shortcut for Meta artificial intelligence.
  • It was a good strategy to avoid having to search for the conversation with a chatbot due to the extensive chat history.
  • With the beta version, you will be one of the first users to test the new AI functions in WhatsApp.
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Meta AI shortcut preview. (Photo: Mag)

The solution when the verification code does not arrive on WhatsApp because you are in another country

  • All you have to do is activate Roaming also Roaming data, What is this? It consists of a tool to use network coverage other than the main network.
  • This way you will not only have mobile data (internet), but you will also be able to make or receive calls and SMS.
  • Remember that your phone operator’s “roaming” service will result in additional charges on your bill.
  • To activate it, first go to Settings on your smartphone > then tap on the section titled Communications.
  • The next step is to click on the option called “Mobile Networks”.
  • Finally, activate the Data Roaming switch.
  • Ready, all that remains is to request the verification code again. WhatsApp.

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