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Driven by modern technological advances and rapid commercial adoption, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) It reached not only business headlines but also the whole world. But is all this interest and conversation happening around this topic also reflected in? employment?

Deel has seen a significant increase in specialist AI roles globally, both in the professionals it hires and in the companies that employ them.

“By 2023, there will be more than 5,000 shrinkage Active positions related to artificial intelligence, data science and systems engineers, which today pay more than 2,100 companies. This data may not be surprising in itself, but when analyzing the growth rate, a truly exceptional jump is recorded. Comment.

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the Amnesty International Digging deeper into the numbers of this trend in the last two years (between September 2021 and the same month of this year), we note that the number of jobs related to data science and systems engineers hired rose by 60% last year.

Likewise, the number of companies hiring for AI-related roles increased by 59% in the past year.

United State It dominates recruitment for these roles, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom and to a lesser extent Germany.

However, Canada leads in the number of contract workers, followed by India, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore it, wages These rates vary from region to region, but Latin America benefits the most from the growth of AI, with a modest – but sustained – increase in average salaries over the past year.

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Is an AI Specialist a truly global role?

Dale points out that no area is immune to recruitment interest appearance related to artificial intelligence. The hypothesis is that some complementary trends have allowed AI to reach all parts of the world.

He added that the speed of adoption necessitated an employment rate that breaks global employment barriers.

However, this paradigm shift towards global contracting was only made possible by employment Such as EOR (Employer of Record) which allowed the integration of highly qualified talent across borders.

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Internationalization of talent

India is leading the process of identifying new relevant roles, with positions such as AI Engineer and AI Training Lead.

the Companies They are hiring more and more specialized talents in Brazil, Canada and Argentina. In major cities such as Toronto (7% increase), Bengaluru (3% increase) and London (3% increase); Lahore, Berlin and Buenos Aires (2% increase).

Likewise, the United Kingdom and Canada have begun hiring workers Amnesty International From the United States of America. The majority of new contracts were created in Germany (52% increase), the United States (44% increase) and the United Kingdom (41% increase).

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