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Deportivo Huanca had among its ranks players such as Coquin Flores, Santiago Acacete, Marco Ruiz, among others. Photo: GLR/D.Wanka composition

The First Division (currently Primera Division) of Peruvian football has seen the passage of hundreds of clubs from Lima and the province. One of them was wanka sports, The team that changed its name up to 5 times. Although the Huancaino team never won a national title, its name became known internationally, with the United Kingdom being the country where it amassed the largest following.

It turns out that in the aforementioned European country, hundreds of people became “in love” with the team from the city of Huancayo due to an unusual event, which caused them amusement and for which they decided to order a batch of 1,000 shirts from the English territory. What's going on and what happened to the club? In the next note we will tell you.

Deportivo Huanca was relegated from the Primera Division in 2004. Image: Twitter

Wanka sports and an unusual fact

Although the team stopped participating in the first category in 2004, English fans became interested in it Wanka Sports Because of the name they had.

It turns out that in the UK there is a term “wanker”, which refers to people who masturbate. When you pronounce this word it sounds like “Wanka.” For this reason, European citizens were very interested.

On the other hand, in the same year, Sports portal Sports Lens caused the Huancaíno team to go viral. The media has compiled a list of football clubs with funny names in the world, and Deportivo Huanca tops the ranking. This led to a boom in the sale of the distinctive green shirt in Europe.

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The Deportivo Huanca shirt has become a sensation among English fans thanks to the team name. Image: The Register

Deportivo Huanca changed its name 5 times

Wanka Sports Club was originally born as Miraflores warmly In 1969 and founded in Chimbote. In 1988, its name was changed Sibisa received a standing ovation Because he was receiving assistance from Sindicato Pesquero del Perú SA (SIPESA).

In 1992, its name was changed to Deportivo Cebesa, Through which he was able to qualify for the decentralized championship in 1993. Three years later (1996) it was renamed sport fishing, The team that debuted former footballer Claudio Pizarro.

Deportivo Pesquero was renamed Deportivo Huanca in 2000 after moving to Huancayo. Image: Twitter

What happened to Deportivo Huanca?

In 2000, it moved its headquarters to Huancayo and became… Wanka Sports. However, in 2004, its location was changed to Cerro de Pasco, located at 4,380 meters above sea level, and in the same year the category was lost due to a series of changes in the tournament rules.

Although the club authorities filed a claim, the decision was not changed and the Green Team ended up disappearing from Peruvian football for a few years. at the moment, The team reverted to its initial name, Ovación Miraflores, and plays in the Chimbotana League.

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