Latest news from Spain today, Monday February 22, 2021

Anger and tension continue during the Pablo Hassel protests and the irresponsibility of the Coronavirus over the weekend. see below The latest news today in Spain.

The sixth night of quarrels in Barcelona

The The protesters Because of the imprisonment of Pablo Hassel, they attack the National Police headquarters and the looting continues. Eight demonstrators were arrested, and nine were injured by Mucous Desquadra.

The third night of protests against squatters in Vizcaya

And in Balmaceda, in Vizcaya, the third day of protests against a clan of squatters. They are accused of sexual assault of a minor. The police had to intervene to avoid accidents.

Illegal parties all weekend

Law enforcement agencies have it too Dissolve illegal parties. On another weekend, in Madrid alone, more than 200 were detained. The police even used drones equipped with thermal cameras.

The infection rate continues to slow down

Infections, hospitalizations and deaths continue to slow. In both Spain and the world, which has already added six consecutive weeks of decline in the number of infected people and three weeks of decline in deaths. Check evolution and everything Data on injuries and deaths caused by the Coronavirus.

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