Last minute humanitarian aid to Gaza, new attacks and reactions

David Cameron visits Israel and tours Kibbutz Beri, one of those massacres committed by Hamas

the new British Foreign Secretary, David Cameronarrived this Thursday in Israel On a surprise visit that included a tour of Kibbutz Berione of the communities near Gaza strip attacked by agitation last October 7along with him His Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen.

“I wanted to come here to see with my own eyes The horrific nature of the attacks“Cameron said in statements reported by local media, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs United kingdomThe former Conservative Prime Minister who entered government last week, He will collect During this visit with “Israeli and Palestinian leaders“.

Arriving at Israel This occurs at the time when the agreement reached between the two countries enters into force Israel and Hamas For one Temporary truce in it Conflict in Gaza Which allows work Hostage exchange In strengthIslamic movement by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

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