La Nación / Opening and blessing of the Health Sciences Campus

In an official framework, last Thursday, November 4, the new facilities were inaugurated and blessed by part of the Health Sciences Complex of the Catholic University Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, located in Eusebio Lillo and Emetrio Miranda, in the Ykua Sati neighborhood of Asuncion.

The exclusive event was attended by principals, teachers, alumni and students of the prestigious university. It brought together eminent national authorities from various fields, who participated in the traditional ribbon cutting and the discovery of the commemorative plaque for the aforementioned event. Concluding with a boom, a video of the construction work was shown from start to finish.

In this way, two blocks of the first phase of the Health Sciences Campus project of the Catholic University Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, of the educational institution, which will see a total area of ​​75,000 square meters, have been enabled to be built in phases.

So far the built up area is 15,770 square metres, spread over five levels in height and three underground. The majestic infrastructure contains 7 laboratories, 2 digital laboratories, 11 classrooms, a classroom, an anatomy class, a library and a lecture hall that can accommodate 250 people.

Principals, teachers, alumni and students of the prestigious university participated in this exclusive event.

Likewise, it has professor rooms for each chair at every level, flexible study spaces for students, areas for academic and administrative administration, a student center and other service areas, and a covered car park for 225 cars and 50 motorbikes.

On the grounds, you can also see at first sight a magnificent semi-public square surrounded by nature that connects the ground floors of the three buildings. This first part of the work was fully funded by the University of California with an investment of US$20 million, launched by construction company Tecinci.

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With the aim of continuing their work to prepare highly qualified health professionals, within the main axis of Christian anthropology, thus understanding the meaning of life and the value of people, for service, and the obligation to serve the community. It should be noted that the new Health Sciences Campus is the only health center established within a radius of more than two kilometers; A privileged location in the new corporate hub in the capital.

The architectural project proposes meeting spaces that reflect the concept of an inclusive educational center, which in turn prioritizes the new health sciences campus for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between students and professionals of various professions thus strengthening the union of the educational community.

The construction area is 15,770 square metres, distributed over five levels in height and three underground Photo: EDUARDO VELÁZQUEZ

On this occasion, Reverend Narciso Velasquez Ferreira, President of the University of California, expressed: “This is a reality today, under a very special circumstance that we have to live in. In times of a pandemic, we have been able to appreciate and assess how important it is to have hospitals that can house patients who are cared for with human warmth. necessary.”

“Paraguay has seen that we have courageous doctors, nurses and staff who have been able to help us stop the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite the pain it is causing so many families today, we can get a breather,” he said.

In this sense, I thank God, I want to go back to 1960 when the Catholic University opened its doors on February 13, while it said in the founding act ‘Recognizing the need for a Catholic institution of higher university culture in Paraguay based on what the mind of the Church demands and what the current conditions of the country require. ”.

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“Today it is also necessary to have a center for training of health science professionals in accordance with the thinking of the church and an appropriate infrastructure, and this is what motivated us by the path that the church is following in Paraguay,” he said.

At the Ordinary Assembly of 1959, the creation of the Catholic University was proposed on the initiative of the Archbishop of Asunción Juan Anibal Mina Porta; At that time it was registered as the Catholic University of Paraguay, as it appears in the first canon, said the priest.

“For the mind of the congregation and the conciliar, to walk together, but to seek the good of the Church and the good of the community. Rev. Narciso Velázquez Ferreira explained that one of the basic pillars of the social thought of the Church is the common good and human dignity, and this is the main motive.

The second phase of the project, with an area of ​​45,000 square meters, will require 30 to 36 months to complete construction work and an additional 60 million US dollars will be invested. set up itself in the new hospital which will have around 260 beds; In addition to being the teaching hospital as it pretends to be the practice and internship center for the students of the educational institution.

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