La Jornada – UAM offers profiles of aspiring Dean

Mexico City. The Board of Directors of the Autonomous University of the Capital (UAM) has released a list of applicants registered for the position of Rector for this House of Studies, a position currently held by Eduardo Peñalosa Castro, who ended his term on July 3.

The list was drawn up, in alphabetical order, by Fernando de Leon Gonzalez, Physician in Agricultural Engineering, current university president of the Xochimilco unit. Appointed Senior Research Professor C in the Department of Agricultural and Livestock Production. Since 1994 it has been a member of the National System of Scholars (SNI). He also held the position of Division Director at CBS (2010-2014) and Head of the Division of Agricultural and Livestock Production (2007-2010), among others. He is a member of the External Review Committee of the Colegio de la Frontera Sur (2015-2021) and a regular member of the Academy of Engineering.

Jose Antonio de los Reyes Heredia, who holds a PhD specializing in chemical kinetics and catalysis, is the current Secretary General of UAM. He is a Level III National Researcher, and Professor C of the Department of Process Engineering and Hydraulics, Iztapalapa Unit. He was the owner of the faculty representatives of the department before the Academic Council and the owner of the Academic College, as well as the director and academic secretary of the Division of Basic Sciences and Engineering. Likewise, he was Mexico’s representative before the Ibero-American Federation of Motivational Societies and its president.

David Alejandro Díaz Mendes, Doctor of Education and Higher Education, was the Director of Social Communication at the Chaplain General on two occasions from 2015 to 2017 and from 2007 to 2010, as well as Director and Deputy Director of Media and University Advising Coordinator at the Lerma Unit, from 2010 to 2015. He is currently a Professor of Studies. Graduate at the Institut Universitaire de Veracruzano, and MA professor at the University of Motolinia de Pedregal, as well as at other universities. He also participated in designing study plans such as teaching a doctorate in educational innovation from the University of Tepeyac.

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José Mariano García Garibay, Doctor of Biotechnology, Current University President of the UAM Lerma Unit, Senior National Researcher, Full-time Professor C in this Study House. He was also director of the Department of Biological and Health Sciences, and head of the Department of Biotechnology, Unit Iztapalapa, among others. It is part of the United States Institute of Food Technologists; Mexican Society of Biotechnology and Bioengineering and a regular member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

José Octavio Natteras Dominguez, MD, Psychologist, Former Dean of UAM Unit Iztapalapa (2014-2018), Full-time C Research Professor. He was also Director of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (2010-2014) and Head of Research in Political Psychology and Identity (2009-2010), among others. In the same way, he was a consultant to the committee responsible for the CSH Teaching Award Division, UAM-I, and the Committee for Amending the Policy and Standards for Budget Allocation for the Sociology Department (1997-2000). And a member of the Mexican Society of Social Psychology.

Emilio Sordo Zabai, Physician in Structures, Former Dean of UAM Lerma (2014-2018), Full C current Professor at UAM Azcapotzalco. He was also Director of the Department of Basic Sciences and Engineering (2008-2012), coordinator of MA and PhD degrees in Structural Engineering (2004-2008), and member of the editorial board of Casa del Tiempo (2004-2008). Likewise, Benito Juarez is the Director of Urban Development for the Mayor’s Office, a lifelong member of the Ingenieros Civiles de México, and affiliated with the Mexican Society of Seismic Engineering and the Mexican Society of Structural Engineering.

According to the appeal, from the date of publishing the list of applicants, the hearing process begins, which consists of reviewing the opinions of the university community about the applicants, and will end on June 9 of this year. After that, the Board of Directors will conduct an interview with the registered persons whom it considers to meet the ideal qualities, in order to know their views on the development of the university, and will proceed with the appointment of the new university president for the period from July. From 4, 2021 to 3 July 2025.

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