La Bamba Diary

Three years later, the face-to-face space is back with great participation from students, teachers, and families.

The second regional event of the Science and Technology Fair was held in the multi-use room of the Ciudad de Santa Rosa School, which brought together schools from the city and the southern region of the province.

At the opening ceremony, Minister of Education Labamba, Paul McConeAccompanied by authorities from the Education Council, he stressed that “this is an opportunity to meet, exchange and learn from each other, it is a joy and satisfaction.”

It is, he insisted, “a field in which we show our interests, investigate based on problems, work across disciplines, and converse with peers from other locations to learn about their realities. It is a way to accompany and enhance the teaching and learning process.”

Exhibition spaces are “important because they demonstrate ways of building students’ knowledge, they promote the development of civic culture and democracy, critical spirit and curiosity, generate scenarios for social appropriation of science, art and technology, and facilitate the acquisition of skills of inquiry, expression and communication.

Families, as well as students and teachers, have maintained an active role in the institutional and regional events of Expo 2023. Noelia, one of the mothers present at SUM, came from Colonia Santa Teresa He declared that “the best thing about this matter is the possibility for children to show their daily work, interact with people they do not know, and introduce the camaraderie that exists between them.”

Andrea, one of the moms Those who attended the event in the capital of the Pampas, characterized the consciousness that children are born with as the future of our world: “They will continue our legacy. So for me, the exhibition is very important because it opens their minds, they investigate, they produce and they set jobs. Specifically, it is about this job that indicates To recycling water, they learn the value we should have in relation to our resources. The children show and tell what they have studied with great enthusiasm, and we hope that there will be many more events of this kind.”

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In General Pico and Santa Rosa, more than 120 works by the pampas are on display. In the coming days, the projects that will represent the state of the Pampas will be officially announced at the National Exhibition to be held from September 5 to 9, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In addition, the Provincial Department of Education will be broadcasting a special audiovisual production on its YouTube channel with the voices of children and adolescents from different Pampean regions where different levels and modalities are relevant to this year’s themes.

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