Konami has announced a new Silent Hill game and you can now play it for free on PlayStation 5

the first State of play 2024 It happened today, just as Sony promised. The event focused on the titles coming out in the coming months, and without a doubt, one of the most memorable games was silent hill which was much rumored and which is believed to have been cancelled. Today finally Konami and PlayStation confirmed its existence.

We're talking about Silent Hill: A Short Message. You read that right, the title we discovered thanks to a rumour Dusk Golem It was true and the best of all is that you will be able to play it even before it is remade Silent Hill 2 And Without payment.

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Konami has confirmed that Silent Hill: The Short Message is in play

Silent Hill: The Short Message It's a PlayStation 5 exclusive and you can now play it for free

Konami presented the biggest surprise by announcing this Silent Hill: The Short Message It is a free title for all players PlayStation 5 He will be able to enjoy it for free starting today shortly after the end Playing status.

Not many plot details have been given, but the trailer confirms that the protagonist is… Maya Which revolves around the psychological horror that characterizes the series Konami.

Below you can see the trailer.

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The state of play was filled with ads. If you want to see everything that was presented, we invite you to visit our full coverage.

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