Kirsty Bertarelli, the richest divorcee in the UK

She was the first Miss UK in 1988, then she was a pop singer and songwriter and now she is also Britain’s richest divorcee. Kirsty Bertarelli can boast that she had the best divorce settlement in the history of the UK – about 400 million pounds and various properties.

Kirsty Bertarelli and billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli married in 2000 and 21 years later – they have three joint children and a fortune estimated at £9.2 billion, according to the Rich List rankings. Sunday times This year – they secretly signed one of the most famous divorce agreements in history.

His assets are around 400 million pounds sterling and various properties

In the agreement, the English model agreed to a deal of around 350 million pounds and took ownership of a house on Lake Geneva in Geneva, bought this year for 52 million pounds, and an eight million pound apartment in the Swiss ski resort. Gstaad, where her ex-husband grew up after moving with his family from Italy.

With this wealth, Bertarelli is now much richer than pop stars such as Mick Jagger, whose fortune is estimated to be around £310 million; Ed Sheeran with 220 million, and Adele with 140 million. british newspaper T Heats He referred to her as “a beauty queen who has become richer than the queen herself”, and with this agreement her fortune is now greater than that of Queen Elizabeth II.

On the other hand, the Staffordshire-born ex-Miss UK, on ​​the other hand, already has a large sum of money. Her husband gave her a £120m yacht for her 40th birthday, and she also got an income from her family, as she is the heiress of Churchill China, one of the world’s largest ceramics companies.

Miss UK 1988 and runner-up to Miss Universe

Bertarelli’s career began in her hometown, Staffordshire, the county where her family still lives. From a young age, she participated in local musicals and plays before enrolling in a modeling agency. In 1988, she was crowned Miss UK and participated in the Miss World contest in the same year, finishing second in the final.

After moving to London, the young model began writing and composing music and signed with Warner Records. In 2000 he wrote black coffee , the song recorded by the girl group All Saints and ranked number one in the United Kingdom. Later he signed with Universal Music and later with Sony and ATV Music, where he released several singles and albums and went on to perform live on several occasions.

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