High Participation of Venezuelans in Election Simulation Highlights – Prensa Latina

During a tour of the Diocese of Petari, in the state of Miranda, the official stressed that we “we believe that the Venezuelan people are very supportive and will feel very comfortable with this activity. The turnout has been very good at the polling stations we have visited so far.

Likewise, he said, voters think the process is too fast.

Regarding the electoral schedule, Corridor noted that the National Electoral Council is working to ensure that every part can be viewed in full transparency with absolute respect for constitutional and democratic rights.

For its part, Admiral Carmen Meléndez, candidate for the city of Caracas, said that during the exercise the effectiveness and organization of the entire system, as well as the discipline of the people, was demonstrated.

He stressed that “this exercise will tell us all about our situation, whether from the National Elections Council and the various parties participating in these elections, their logistics, their organization, and their mobilization.” According to reports, the exercises are taking place normally and safely across the country.

Venezuela will go to the polls on November 21 to elect 23 governors and 335 mayors for the South American country, as well as members of regional legislatures and municipal councils.

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