King Charles imposes new laws on broadcasting!

  • During his first speech as king King Charles participated in the law Which refers to Regulation of streaming platforms within the UK.
  • King Charles He indicated that The law will force platforms like Netflix and Prime Video to follow codes of conduct imposed by the Office of Communications, with Large fines for those who violate the terms.
  • some The platforms spoke out against the regulationUnder the pretext that it will affectl Content available in the regionso they will start deleting series and movies soon.

a The law to regulate broadcast content in the UK was discussed, Officially done It was announced by King Charles III in his first speech as leader of England. The letter, written by the UK government and read by the Queen, details a series of points It sticks to companies like Netflix and Prime Video Within the region.

Media Law It will push streaming platforms to follow codes of conduct Dictated National Communications Office, Which the rules indicate that All kinds of material “harmful” to the interests of the United KingdomHe faces fines of up to £250,000In addition to setting ratings and implementing parental controls on sensitive content.

And so said the law Joins the efforts of the British community Accomplished Local content quota and strict tax regulation on streaming platformsUnder the pretext of evasion in previous years and dishonest movements in addition to these services. We share the details with you!

Image: King Charles III | Sky News UK

What would King Charles want to change in broadcasting?

Originally the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom And in detail a number of points that must be adhered to in the new law in 2022, Although some of its provisions have been modified since then.

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In itself, the law that King Charles shared during his speech was presented asn Project “aims to protect children by applying standards similar to those applied to television“For the streaming giants.

“The law will ensure that content standards in on-demand services meet the plan set and overseen by Ofcom.” to rule.

On the other side, Streaming platforms have spoken out against the regulationAnd ensure the strict guidelines it sets It will affect the content available to its customers.

For example, Netflix emphasized this while agreeing With much of the proposed law – specifically with Parental control points and rating are visible in each title—, I have toRemove a large number of movies and TV series From its service in the United Kingdom to avoid violating the regulation.

One of the points stipulated in the proposal dictates this Of the total broadcast content, at least 30% must be of European origin – a share that Netflix meets, but Amazon and Disney+ do not, in addition Taxes and adjusts platform income so that profits are reinvested in local production.

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Does pay TV conflict with streaming in the UK?

Regulating broadcast platforms It’s not a topic that only King Charles discussessince recent years, in particular Netflix is ​​featured by Using dishonest tactics In order to evade taxes in European territories.

To list some examples, European Audiovisual Observatory I decided so Netflix was the second production company to achieve the highest income in 2021. Generating about 7.5 billion euros.

And yet it isThe company paid taxes worth only 5 million pounds. Exploiting legal loopholes Transferring more than 1.3 billion euros from its British operations to its division in Germany, Which led to a significant decrease in the amounts owed to the government.

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Similar maneuvers were carried out in Australia, Italy, Japan, These last two areas where pThe profits were lower than those actually achieved In order to pay less taxes.

for this reason, The law imposed by King Charles was well received by pay television representatives in the UK. ““We are glad to hear the law introduced by King Charles.” She highlighted ITV CEO, Caroline McColl, “It is one step closer to regulating the competition between TV and streaming fairly.”

Image: Netflix Help Center

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