Kate Middleton, viral after controversial photo in UK

Kate Middleton has lived under relentless scrutiny since joining the British royal family after marrying Prince William in 2011. Although she enjoys great privilege and influence, the enormous pressure to live up to royal and public expectations never leaves her. Not only is Kate destined to become queen one day, but she must also balance her royal duties with her role as a mother, facing constant comparisons with other royal figures.

The British edition of the magazine was recently published Tatler I decided to pay tribute to the Princess of Wales, and highlight her strength and courage as she continues to receive cancer treatment. The July cover, which goes on sale May 30, features an image of Kate created by artist Hannah Ozor. Inspired by the look Kate wore in 2022 at a dinner in honor of the President of South Africa, the photo shows the Princess of Wales in a stunning white dress with a cape designed by Jenny Packham and her mother-in-law’s favorite tiara, the… Princess Diana.

However, what was meant to be a moving tribute became the focus of a heated controversy. Ozor’s artistic representation was heavily criticized by many Britons, leading to a torrent of negative comments on social media. Reactions include phrases such as: “Is this a joke?”, “This is not the Princess of Wales. God knows who she is, but she is not the Princess of Wales”, or “What a terrible picture of such a beautiful woman.” There were interpretations for all tastes. Some users even pointed out the similarities that led them to compare the acting to the aesthetics of an Asian princess, even evoking the character Masako from Japan in their comments.

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Amid the turmoil caused by the controversy surrounding the photo of Prince William’s wife, the princess herself was notable by her absence from the discussion. Kate’s silence aroused the public’s curiosity, while Kensington Palace issued a statement highlighting her current situation. And there is what is mentioned in that Kate Middleton “You will not return to work until your medical team clears you to do so,” clearly indicating that your health and recovery are the priority.

Recent controversies

This is not the only recent controversy surrounding the artistic representation of members of the royal family. A few days ago, King Charles III He also expressed his discomfort with his new official portrait, noting that artists seemed to have difficulty achieving satisfactory portraits of royalty. As if these differences were not enough, the British royal family was forced to cancel its agenda due to the general elections in the United Kingdom scheduled for July 4.

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