Kate Bush explained the meaning of “Running Up That Hill,” the song that became “vintage” thanks to Stranger Things

The fourth season of Weird things He put a song released in 1985 on the radar of millions of people that suddenly became one of the most listened to on digital platforms. it’s about “Running on the Hill (Deal with God)” by famous British singer Kate BushWho can’t believe what is happening.

The artist explained, during a radio interview, the meaning behind the song, which was able to top the charts around the world 37 years after its release. “I thought the song would grab attention, but I never imagined it would be something like this. It’s very exciting‘, through his dialogue with the program women’s watch From BBC Radio 4. “It’s really shocking, isn’t it? Everyone has gone crazy,” she added enthusiastically.

Bush also explained to his young and new audience the history behind the case. “I really like for people to listen to a song and take whatever they want from it, but it was originally written with a man and a woman exchanging poses with each other, incorporating what was going on from the other side.“, according.

Kate Bush – Running That Hill

The British also revealed that the song’s title initially will be another title. “It was called a ‘deal with God,'” he recalls, “but I think the record company was worried it wouldn’t play on the radio with that name.” “They were afraid that people would feel it was a sensitive title,” he concluded.

“Running Up That Hill” is the first track from the album dogs of love. Since its release, it has been well appreciated: it has been ranked as one of the ten most listened to songs in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Germany. After the season 4 premiere, the idea topped the most streamed platform on iTunes and thousands of teens around the world flocked to the networks to comment on the song. It has also become one of the most listened to on Spotify and YouTube, plus, according to Billboard, Song searches have increased by 800% over the past two days.

Stranger Things 4: The main plot song has become the most listened to 37 years after its releaseNetflix

A few days ago, Bush issued a statement Across website To thank the production of Stranger Things for being the architect of the renewed interest in the song. “You may have heard that the first part of a great and exciting new series Weird things Recently launched on Netflix,” he began explaining on the site. Then he continued: “It features the song ‘Running Up That Hill’, which is given new life by young fans who love the show. I love it too!”.

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“And for this, “Running Up That Hill” is found on charts all over the world And he entered the UK at No. 8″. In turn, he was encouraged to show all his happiness and considered it “It’s all really exciting.” Finally, the artist thanked the fans of the series and drew the attention of its creators, saying: “Thank you very much to everyone who supported the song. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series in July.”

Stranger Things 4
Stranger Things 4Netflix

“Running Up That Hill” was first heard while Max (Sadie Sink) was walking her school halls with her Walkman, completely lost in thought. Chapters later, Dustin (Gatien Matarazzo) discovers that this song, a favorite of Max, has the power to save her friend and keep her away from the power of Vicna, the series’ most evil villain.

Users on social media praised the song “No spoilers but that moment at the end of Episode 4 with Max W. Kate Bush’s use of running uphill was great. One of the best scenes in history Weird things‘,” one viewer wrote. “At this point, ‘Running Up That Hill’ will be on my Spotify…‘ another pointed out.

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