Boris Johnson will not support any candidate so as not to harm him

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s chances by offering my support.Johnson said in his first public appearance since resigning on Thursday, caught up in a series of scandals.

After the weekend in checkersBoris Johnson, the country residence of UK prime ministers, said he was “determined to carry on the mandate entrusted to us” and that the next prime minister would have a “very good program to carry out”.

Extensive list to succeed Boris Johnson

Interior Minister , Priti PatelHe could announce throughout the day his candidacy to succeed him as the leadership of the Conservative Party with a majority in board of the Public– thus in Downing Street.

Sunday evening, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Les TrussA 46-year-old joined the list of candidates that includes the former Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak42 years old and former Minister of Health. Sajid Javed52 years old.

On Tuesday, both of them almost simultaneously announced their resignations from their positions in Boris Johnson’s government, questioning his integrity, triggering a wave of resignations and dealing a fatal blow to the government.

Among the heavyweights to succeed the current Prime Minister is the Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Penny Mordaunt(49 years) and the new finance minister Nadim Zahawi, 55 years old. To date, there are 11 candidates.

No favorites to rule the United Kingdom

There is no clear candidate in the race to succeed Boris Johnson, which has been declared short and intense.

In the United Kingdom, which suffers from a inflation 9.1%, most of the candidates hurried to put together a series of tax cutswithout explaining how it will be financed.

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Truss promised to return to work “from day one”. Instead, Rishi Sunak warned against “fairy tales that are comforting right now but will make matters worse for our children tomorrow.”

The formation of the main opposition labor Partycalculating that the combined advertisements of the candidates amounted to about 200 thousand million pounds (236 thousand million euros).

The executive secretary of the Conservative Committee said on Monday that candidates will likely have to prove they have the support of 36 candidates to reach the second round. Bob Blackmanon SkyNews. Sunak is the only candidate with such support, according to a tally by news magazine Politico.

Nominations could close on Tuesday night, and the elimination voting could begin immediately after that, leaving just two finalists when Britain’s parliamentary recess begins on July 22.

The goal is for the final vote to elect the new Conservative Party leader to take place no later than September.

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