Justin Lin’s departure from Fast & Furious 10 could generate up to $1 million a day in filming losses

The financial cost of Justin Lin’s departure from Fast & Furious 10 could have huge ramifications for the franchise.

We learned yesterday that Justin Lin, director of 5 films in the Fast & Furious saga, has decided to leave the direction of the tenth film in the main saga. The classic excuse for “creative differences” is the only thing we know about the reasons for leaving the director.

But, Justin Lin is still associated with the project as producer of Fast & Furious 10. That’s not to say that his departure brought production up entirely, as well as leaving a very nice economic blob.

As mentioned diverseAnd Every day the first unit of Fast & Furious 10 doesn’t shoot, it’s worth between $600,000 and $1 million. The second unit shoots in the UK without major mishaps, but the bulk of production falls to the first unit.

It must be borne in mind that although filming for the first team has stopped, Universal cannot “liberate” the cast, art team, or space it requires to carry out production. All of them (and many more) have an enormous economic cost that accrues without any progress being made in production.

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Universal is already working to find a new director for Fast & Furious 10, starting with filmmakers who previously directed films in the franchise, such as F. Gary Gray (Fast and Furious 8) or David Leech (Hobbs and Shaw).

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The tenth installment of its main epic Release date May 19, 2023. However, Justin Lynn’s departure from filming may result in a more or less time delay. Whether this will lead to a change in the release date is still a mystery.

What is clear is that Universal is in a race against time to find a replacement for the director. This is the only way to avoid throwing money into a well every day the first unit cameras aren’t shooting.

Who do you think will replace Justin Lin at the helm of Fast & Furious 10? What do you think was the real reason for his departure?

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