Joseph Quinn canceled his participation in the German comedy at the last minute

Weird things- 98% of Netflix’s most valuable jewelry. When the streaming giant started offering original productions, this was one of the first companies to make a huge impact worldwide. Each of his stars became a must-have and ensured that everyone had a moment to show off. At the same time, every season, a new character, a villain, or a friend of the heroes appeared, earning the affection of viewers.

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Last season Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), the half-brother of Max (Sadi Sink), was a fixture as a villain, and his development in each episode was remarkable. This time around there were several new faces that were critically acclaimed by fans: Joseph Quinn as Eddie Monson, Eduardo Franco as Argyle, Tom Lachiha as Dimitri and Nicolas Duricho like Yuri.

Eddie Monson, in particular, was a character who had a truly unexpected impact even for the actor himself and the Dover brothers. The audience generated such incomparable sympathy that many hope that he will return to spawn his own theories; Something so far seems unlikely to happen. What was supposed to be a minor character, became a sense of the moment.

The actor’s attendance at some conventions and special events has been insane, fans go to visit the star in his Hellfire Club shirts, and even in recent days, a video has gone viral of Joseph crying when a fan thanked him for spending time with both of them. of his followers despite being invited by the event organizers.

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Now that his popularity has continued to grow, Quinn has become one of the most anticipated stars of conventions, and German Comic Con was no exception. The actor was scheduled to premiere on July 16, but only two days before the event when it was reported on the social networks of German Comic Con that the actor had canceled his participation.

We’ll keep it short and simple now because they can’t smooth out this mess: Unfortunately, Joseph Quinn is unable to participate in the GCC LTD edition because a few days ago he had to hand over his passport to the UK authorities to get a work visa for the USA, the USA, this according to For the current situation, it will be returned on Monday only. And you cannot enter Germany without a permit!

According to the report, the reasons for the cancellation were for his documents to travel abroad because he is in the process of applying for a work visa in the United States. German Comic Con reports that they are currently in talks with the cast of a comeback for a December issue that will take place on the third and fourth, with Jamie Campbell Bower (Vecna) participating.

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At the same event that Quinn missed, Millie Bobby Brown arrived, Grace Van Den s Rafael Los.

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