Jorge Villafaña awaits Efraín Álvarez’s unification with Galaxy

Ephrine Alvarez is experiencing a pivotal and defining moment in his career. The 18-year-old midfielder received his first call-up for the Mexican national team by a coach Gerardo MartineauFor friendly matches on European soil against Wales and Costa Rica. However, Alvarez has yet to achieve a 100 percent reunification with his club, the Los Angeles Galaxy. His new teammate, Jorge Villavana, sees the 2021 season as crucial for his Mexican-American national.

“Evra is a player with a great future and has a need to play.” Jorge Villavana told the media on Friday, “There comes a time when you have been at the club for a long time, and now you are a national team with the biggest team in Mexico, what is left for you is to play.”

Villafaña has a record similar to that of Efraín. Both were born in Southern California to Mexican parents. Jorge grew up in Mexico, but returned to the United States as a teenager. He made the leap in professionalism thanks to a TV show called Sueño MLS, where he was the winner when he was only 17 years old. From there, it fell with the now extinct Chivas, USA, His first professional team. Villafaña chose to defend the colors of the United States national team, which is something Efra can still decide.

“I spoke with him (with Evra), what is left is to play, you have to show what you have because he’s a great player,” Jorge said. Villafaña played with Santos Laguna and knows what it means to be a champ in both MLS with Portland Timbers, and in Liga MX with Laguneros. For his part, Efrine Alvarez, recently, in an interview with Azteca Deportes, expressed his desire to try his luck one day in the Mexican League, after he grew up watching it on TV with his family.

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The 31-year-old said: “Evra as a young player who takes his way, one day he’s already playing here, pointing to the galaxy, he can exit his career not only to Mexico, but to Europe as well.” Cannons.

Alvarez made his first-team debut in Los Angeles in the 2019 season. The fake player at LA Galaxy Academy has played 30 Major League Soccer matches, 10 of which were a start. His first and only goal came precisely the previous season against the former Portland Timbers at Villavana.

Villafaña has come to the Los Angeles squad as an experienced player and hopes to be a voice over mentor for the youth. “There is a responsibility, like every player, and as an experienced player, there is a greater responsibility in trying to train young people and give them tools, whether on the field or trying to help them verbally,” Villavana said.

The Los Angeles Galaxy will play their first pre-season game on Saturday when they face the New England Revolution.

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